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Leadership Program

At Mountain View Adventist College, your child will have the opportunity to participate in several programs in the local community. Often life-changing, these experiences teach students how to inspire others into action through enthusiasm and a positive approach to life.

Activities may include classroom projects for various charities, visits to preschools, nursing homes and mission trips. Other opportunities include:

  • Skill development
  • Resilience program called Bounce Back where conflict resolution is explicitly taught (Junior School)
  • Student representative, captaincy positions and a student council provide leadership opportunities.
  • Events and functions where students learn organisational skills¬†
  • International and community development programs, including:
    • StormCo focused on local community service (Middle School)
    • International service trip (Year 11)
  • Outdoor camps
  • Worship leading in weekly assemblies

The student body in our school is made up from a diversity of backgrounds. We teach respect for other cultures and faiths, embracing every individual in our school community.