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Start dates Monday 30 January Prep, Year 1-7 | Tuesday 31 January Year 8-12 | Wednesday 1 February Kindy
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Mountain View Adventist College Win STEAM Challenge

Sep 19, 2022


STEM education is a NSW Government run initiative that caters for students from Kindergarten to Year 10. It is a chance for students to use their problem-solving skills and critical thinking to solve problems that involve, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Adventist Schools Australia have incorporated Creative Arts into this framework renaming it STEAM. Mountain View Adventist College is preparing it's students for a future beyond the school gate when they will undoubtably use these skills by providing an environment where students can get hands on practice, even from as young as Kindergarten.

Mountain View Adventist College recently hosted and participated in the Years 3 to 8 Peter Wallace STEAM Challenge where they competed against other schools from Greater Sydney and North NSW.

"The Peter Wallace STEAM Challenge is a great opportunity for students to get involved and work in a collaborative manner, sharing and exploring ideas as a team, students can show great resilience and motivation when put to a challenging task" says College Primary School Teacher, Miss Katherine Charnock.

This year students were challenged with the concept 'How can we ensure waste is addressed in a sustainable way in our schools?' The challenge for the students was to design a solution that could be trialled at their school to reduce or eliminate one of the identified waste issues.

With their inventive idea to assemble a unique chair which collected heat produced by the human body and storing it in a battery to help save fossil fuel emission by conserving energy. Year 7 and 8 team from Mountain View were awarded first place in the Stage 4 competition.