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Mountain View Recognised Two Years in a Row!

Mar 01, 2018

ACARA congratulates Mountain View Adventist College for Leaps in Learning for Second Year in a Row!

We are excited to announce that for a second year in a row Mountain View Adventist College has achieved ‘substantially above-average gains’ in both reading and numeracy across Years 5 to 9.

This is according to the latest round of NAPLAN tests conducted last year. The announcement was made today, 7 March 2018, by the Australian education body ACARA. Gains are measured against the national average, schools with similar students (on a socio-economic advantage basis) and against students with similar starting scores.

Mr Hay credits this growth to the efforts of teachers. “While we would expect to see some good results, it is always pleasing to see the growth our students are achieving through the programs we are implementing,” he says.

The results validate the commitment we made three years ago to launch a new literacy and numeracy program for students from Kindergarten to Year 9, with an emphasis on the foundational years of Primary school. These programs have had a significant impact on student learning.

Educational Programs Implemented at Mountain View Adventist College

We have implemented a raft of new programs and have worked hard to develop a strong learning culture at Mountain View Adventist College. These programs have included:

1. Early Intervention (K-2) Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan where all K - Year 6 teachers were trained in explicit instruction and developmental sequences in learning for English and Mathematics.

2. Developed a ‘growth mindset’ culture, where students believe they can learn when they focus on one step at a time and work hard to reach their learning goals.

3. The Big 5 of reading - This is a reading program that includes phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.

4. Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Learning Skills (DIBELS) - where students are assessed against benchmarks to ascertain the areas in which they need additional support.

5. Direct Instruction Programs including Spelling Mastery and CARS and STARS which focus on reading and comprehension strategies.

6. Three Tiered Intervention - where the majority of student needs are catered for within the mainstream classroom environment.

7. Intensive professional learning for teachers in how to cater for all student needs (classroom differentiation) and how to use Thinking Routines to encourage student engagement through a range of targeted and varied activities. 

How can you help your child’s education?

We recommend a number of things that parents can do to support their child’s academic development and provide them with some sound learning fundamentals. These include:

1. Making sure that your child is at school on time each day, every day, avoiding prolonged times away from school (eg holidays during non-school holiday periods).

2. Make sure that your child completes their allocated work and assessments on time.

3. Spend time reading with your young child every day (as little as 10 minutes per day), and encourage them to continue reading as they get older by finding books on topics that are of interest to them.

4. Take an interest in and support your child’s education in as many ways as possible.

 We would like to thank our students and families for taking your learning journey with Mountain View Adventist College.


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