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Monday 10 October 2022 - Wednesday 14 December 2022
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R U OK? Day

Sep 14, 2020

R U OK? Day


R U OK? Day is a national day dedicated to the recognition of raising awareness for mental health and in particular suicide. This year, 2020 is not the year that we envisioned and as a result we have seen an increase in people struggling with mental health. A simple question of R U OK? can mean so much. It's also about the conversations we are having after we ask the question.

Mountain View students and staff wore yellow, enjoyed music, bubbles, lollipops and a special yellow check in bench as we realised the impact we have when we ask each other R U OK? Prep - Year 6 students had targeted activities about finding a check in partner. Year 7-12 were challenged to think about what to say after you ask R U OK?

We encourage families to continue to check in with their children and with each other and ask the important question R U OK?