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Trial HSC examinations

Aug 25, 2021


This year has certainly been a year like no other, even in comparison to 2020, especially when it comes to the 70,000 odd students due to sit their Higher School Certificate later this year. Along with the rest of Australia, we thought that the worst was behind us, when in fact the worst was yet to come with Sydney now in an extended in lock down. Schools like Mountain View Adventist College have had to work quickly to ensure that the planned trial HSC examinations could proceed, albeit in a modified format and assure the Year 12 cohort that together, they would get through this.

We had all experienced home learning over the last 18-months, however conducting trial HSC examinations in an online format that was fair to all presented another level of complexity. Whilst the dedicated teachers and staff worked behind the scenes to reformat its entire trail examination program, it was the wellbeing of its' community, the students, parents and carers that was at the forefront of Mountain View Adventist College Principal Irwin Steyn's mind.

"As we continue through this ever-changing world, we will fare much better if we support each other through it all" notes Principal Steyn.

Mountain View Adventist College's Director of Studies, Melissa Jardine has been at the coalface of preparing the Year 12 students for the revised examination format. Communication has been the key in supporting everyone through this challenging time.

"Things have changed rapidly over the last couple of weeks, and together as a leadership team we have made it a priority to prepare the students for not only what lies ahead between now and the end of the year, but also to set them up for success for a life beyond the school gate" Mrs Jardine commented.

At Mountain View Adventist College, students and their caregivers have been provided with a range of resources to help them navigate a path through the changes coming from all directions. Wellbeing Coordinator Rontania Jensen says that a student's ability to cope is dependent their social and emotional wellbeing, of which parents and caregivers play a pivotal role.

Her advice to parents and caregivers? "Make your child's wellbeing a priority – students learn best when they feel happy, safe and supported. Try and maintain a daily routine, stay healthy and active. Model positive calm behaviour focusing on praise and encouragement, but most importantly, set realistic expectations. Let them know you are there to support them."

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