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Tue 5 October 2021 - Wed 8 December 2021
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Wellbeing Week

Aug 09, 2020

The inaugural ‘Wellbeing Week’ was launched this term with lots of highlights for students, staff and families.

The Wellbeing 5’s framed the key messages shared each day: Connect, Be Active, Be Aware, Keep Learning and Help Others.

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These messages were conveyed through the fruit shack, homeroom videos, lunch time games, the ‘chill out’ room, stretching exercises, big games, and a whole school breakfast picnic.

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The focus of the Wednesday Chapel program challenged students to be like Jesus who was physically present among his people when he was on earth and attended to their needs, whether it be their physical, spiritual or emotional wellbeing.


Each day parent videos were posted on the MVAC Community Facebook page to help continue the conversations at home as a family.

Students were encouraged each day to do something that contributed to their wellbeing. Staff and teachers were also encouraged each morning in worship to follow the Wellbeing 5’s.


It will be exciting to see what is going to happen as we continue to raise awareness about wellbeing in our school community.

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