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Start dates Monday 30 January Prep, Year 1-7 | Tuesday 31 January Year 8-12 | Wednesday 1 February Kindy
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Year 11 Serve in Fiji

Jul 15, 2020

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Memories. Service. Friendships. Three words that describe the overseas service trip of Year 11 students in rural Fiji during their Term 3 holidays in 2019.

An annual tradition that aligns with the school’s emphasis on making positive contributions to society, 52 students and staff travelled to Navesau Adventist Secondary School, a co-educational boarding school.

Our students painted a dining hall, helped with the renovation of a house, harvested cassava, weeded a plantation as well as worshipped alongside their Navesau peers. The true value of the service trip isn’t in what the students do for a less fortunate community, it’s in what happens to their hearts and minds- it's in the development of their character. 

To see our Year 11’s smiling, laughing and willingly serve others in a community that was foreign to them serves as a small glimpse of what great things these young men and women will do in the future!

Student Reflections:

I went from being on the verge of tears at Sydney Airport due to not wanting to go on the trip to walking through the departure gate at Nadi Airport drenched in tears due to the connections I’d made and the lessons I’d learnt. 

This trip has inspired me as I step forward into Year 12.I loved this opportunity and I thank God for allowing me to serve alongside my peers. - Jayme-Lei 

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to relate to the Fijian students or if we shared the same issues but surprisingly, we do. The only difference between them and myself is attitude. They taught me to appreciate what I have and that nothing is too big of an issue for God. -Yazinkosi 

My time in Navesau was the furthest out of my comfort zone I have ever ventured. I swam in the river as it rained, I climbed a mountain barefoot, I made friendships and bonds with some of the most generous and welcoming people I’ve ever met. When I think back to this life-changing experience, it isn’t the cold showers, or the cuts and bruises or the sunburn that comes to mind, it’s the taste of the banana fresh from the tree, it’s the feeling of the accomplishment and brotherhood when we reached the summit, it’s the smiles of the kids as we played and laughed together that fill my mind. What I bring back with me is the revelation that God is real, and His presence was evident through the warm and loving embrace I felt the entire time I was in Navesau. - Michael