Leadership Program

Life-changing experiences

At Mountain View Adventist College, your child will have the opportunity to participate in external activities. These experiences teach students how to inspire others into action through enthusiasm and a positive approach to life.

Activities may include classroom projects for various charities, visits to preschools, nursing homes and mission trips. Other opportunities include:

  • Skill development
  • Student representative, captaincy positions and a student council provide leadership opportunities.
  • Events and functions where students learn organisational skills 
  • International and community development programs, including:
  • International service trip (Year 11)
    -Outdoor camps
  • Worship leading in weekly assemblies

The student body in our school is made up from a diversity of backgrounds. We teach respect for other cultures and faiths, embracing every individual in our school community.

To learn more about our leadership program, we would encourage you to book a tour to speak to our senior leadership team.