Vision, Mission, Values and Philosophy Statements

Vision Statement

Nurture for today, Learning for tomorrow, Character for eternity.

Mission Statement

To motivate and nurture spiritual, academic and personal growth in a Christ-inspired environment that serves the community.

Values Statement

Within the core of Christian values we emphasise:

Respect, Integrity, Joy, Responsibility, Trust, Initiative, Acceptance, Integrity, Self-discipline, Compassion, Honesty, Forgiveness, Self-worth.

Philosophy Statement

As a Christian school we vow to: Honour God in everything we do; build relationships based on trust and respect; maintain integrity and excellence in all programs and services; practice responsible stewardship.

We know that we honour God in everything we do when we:

  • Give God all the credit;
  • relinquish all problems to His care;
  • seek His face through worshipping together;
  • studying together and praying together;
  • love one another as He loves us by being a loving truth teller, honouring each proceed boldly in living the Gospel.