Prep Program

Who we are

Our Prep program for 4 to 5 year olds is a time of play, socialisation, exploration and all-important early learning.

We provide a combination of child-led and teacher-initiated activities that are designed to inspire curiosity, creativity, confidence and interpersonal skills.

Co-located on school grounds, our Prep program helps your child become familiar with our teachers, students, philosophy and school routines so that they can make a smooth transition to Kindergarten and Primary School. With flexible attendance, you can choose how many days according to what is best for your child.

We encourage you to book a tour to visit our dedicated Prep Center and meet our staff. 

Education for Good

We help your child develop values based on the qualities displayed by Jesus.

These values will contribute to shaping their characters as adults. Love, justice, compassion, forgiveness, service, humility, courage, hope and appreciation are taught explicitly during morning devotional time, scripture readings and at our weekly chapel service. They are also inherent in the way we instruct, guide and support students in their daily learning activities and social interactions. Students receive awards for positive conduct in the school community.


Our classrooms are digitally equipped with age-appropriate technology, including interactive whiteboards and the used of iPads.

This enhances the delivery of the curriculum, caters to a broad range of learning styles, and allows students to solve problems, work, and connect with each other and the world in 21st century ways. Regular access to technology in the computer laboratory for practise, play and research is a part of the weekly program.

Play is the highest form of research.
Albert Einstein