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Wed 27 January 2021 - Thurs 1 April 2021
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Enrolment Form

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Is this a first time enrolment for this child? *
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Student Profile
If your child is already attending school or preschool or Early Learning Centre, please complete the following.

Learning and support needs, including disability
Does your child require support for learning because of disability? *
Please indicate if your child has any of the following: *
Is your child in need of / currently recieveing any of the following supports? *
Has any previous education provider prepared a documented plan to support the student's additional learning needs? *
(If yes, please submit a copy of the plan to the school - see instructions on last page of this enrolment form)
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Applicant's General Health Status
(Please supply detailed information on the HEALTH RECORD)
Does your child have
Child's Health Cover
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Information for Government Census
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Parent/Guardian Details
Parent/Guardian 1
Relationship to Child *
If you are a Seventh-Day Adventist complete the following:

Parent/Guardian 2
Relationship to Child
If you are a Seventh-Day Adventist complete the following:
NOTE: As family structures can differ widely, please supply any details related to the particular circumstances of your family.
If necessary, supply a copy of relevant documentation under Other Documents in the Additional Documents section further in the form.

Directions as to Correspondence
(The following information is requested to avoid errors in correspondence, mailing of accounts etc.)
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Emergency Contacts
(Other than Parent/Guardian)
Contact 1
Contact 2
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Other Information
Please select your child's method of travel to school (you may select more than one) *
Did any of the following assist you in choosing this College for your child?
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Please nominate two people who know your child and would provide a reference.
Referee 1
Referee 2
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Permission Notes
Photo Consent
In the event that the College is unable to contact me in an emergency, I grant permission for my child to be given the treatment deemed necessary. *
I am willing for my child to have their image in any digital publication for marketing purposes. *
I am willing for my child to have their image in any print publication for marketing purposes. *
I am willing for my child to have their image in any social media publication for marketing purposes. *
I will contact the College in writing if I wish to withdraw consent for my child’s image to be used for any marketing purposes. *

I give permission for my child to go on any regular College based program by bus or train. *
I give permission for the College to provide my contact details to the uniform shop. *

Parent Pledge
I / We understand that this is a Christian College and agree to support the College in upholding its standards and ethos and I/we accept responsibility for payment of College fees. *

Student Pledge
I choose to support the College by wearing the correct uniform, behaving safely and courteously while travelling to and from College, cooperating with my teachers and participating in College life. *
I promise to do and say things which show respect to my home and my College. *
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Additional Documents
The school will require the following documents before processing your application. Documents can either be scanned or photographed for attaching here or they can be sent via email to Please note that Kindy/Prep applications do not require a school report to be attached.
Other additional documents you wish to attach may be sent to with "K-12 Enrolment Other Additional Documents - *Your Full Name*" as the subject heading.
E.g. K-12 Enrolment Other Additional Documents - John Smith
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NOTE: Any misleading or inaccurate information may render this application null and void. This information will be used in accordance with the Adventist Schools Australia Privacy Policy, a copy of which is available upon request.