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Start dates Monday 30 January Prep, Year 1-7 | Tuesday 31 January Year 8-12 | Wednesday 1 February Kindy
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Mountain View - All about Wellbeing

Aug 30, 2022


Wellbeing is critical to the development of every child, with poor wellbeing significantly impacting on a child’s learning and development. Mountain View Adventist College strives to create an environment where everyone can feel safe and respected. The learning environment is devised to ensure students are healthy, happy and most importantly engaged. This is what sets it’s students up for success.

"We are proactive in ensuring that a wholistic approach is implemented to provide our staff and students the ability to manage their wellbeing by working alongside our student counsellors, collaborating with our chaplaincy team, and implementing several initiatives across the learning environment of the entire Prep – Year 12 campus" says Mr Guevarra the College’s Director of Wellbeing.

The College ran their Wellbeing Week during August where students and staff had the opportunity to get involved in activities such as ‘Let’s Talk’ benches, to help boost the wellbeing of the College. Throughout the year the Wellbeing Team coordinate programs for students from Prep to Year 12. Two of the initiatives  - Connect Time and Invictus programs are a part of a typical school day.

Primary students are encouraged to write in their “My Wellbeing Journal” during Connect Time. Mrs Castaneda, from the Wellbeing Team states that “It is believed that writing down thoughts can help individuals achieve mental clarity and prioritise worries or fears”.

Secondary grades participate in an Invictus Leadership Program where students learn different ways to support each other and those around them.

"It is an absolute pleasure to see students participate in activities that encourage building positive relationships with their peers and the staff " says Mr Guevarra.

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